Proving you can build a business and a brand at the same time.

Not all startups are of the “tech” variety, and WordLab is a perfect example. Their unique business model provides affordable, high-quality public relations services by leveraging the talent of skilled apprentices, who receive on-the-job training and leadership from seasoned PR pros. While also launching their startup, WordLab needed to build a brand around a new concept for a business model.

We developed a logo based on their unique business model that visually suggested the experimental nature of their startup and the dynamic between apprentices, mentors and clients. The logo and branding elements were then implemented on social media, business cards, letterhead and other printed materials we created for them.

WordLab Logo design
WordLab letterhead and business cards
WordLab Logo Guide

WordLab website


To sell clients on their one-of-a-kind approach, WordLab needed to explain how they worked. We crafted the copy for their website to succinctly explain their agency model and the benefits they provide clients. We then paired that content with graphics that reinforced their laboratory-like branding and infographics that helped users understand their services and processes.

Wordlab Process

Building a brand and a business at the same time? We can help.
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