Trailrunner Wireless

Creating a brand for a startup with an exit strategy in mind.

A sound exit strategy is an essential part of a startup’s business plan. Trailrunner Wireless, which provides wireless broadband internet in rural parts of Maine and New Hampshire, had a goal of being acquired by one of the larger, national communications companies. By building an elegant and effective brand, they hoped to attract customers and, in turn, a buyer.

To clearly communicate that Trailrunner was a wireless internet company that services rural communities, we seamlessly blended the recognizable wi-fi symbol into an idyllic country setting.

Trailrunner Wireless logo
Trailrunner style guide


Competitive Analysis

Like we do with many logo projects, we began with an analysis of the competitions’ brand identities. Trailrunner’s case was unique, however. They needed a logo that would stand out, and because their goal was to be acquired by one of their competitors, they also wanted a logo that wouldn’t contrast too severely with a future buyer.

TrailRunner achieved their goal and was acquired by Consolidated Communications in 2019.



We built an intuitive, user-friendly web experience with advanced functions such as zip code service search that helped qualify sales leads. The design earned us a Web Design Award from Graphic Design USA.

Service plan chart

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