STARC Systems: Product Launch Marketing and Branding

Helping propel one of America’s fastest growing manufacturers.

STARC is a manufacturing startup that builds temporary, reusable containment for large renovation projects. As a newcomer disrupting a risk-averse industry, they needed consistent messaging and a professional look to attract top hospitals, corporations and contractors. And as a fast-growing company, they needed their marketing and branding to scale with them. We helped them with new product launch marketing and branding that supports their growth.


We designed a new logo to reflect the clean lines and ruggedness of STARC’s panels. We then developed an entire visual system and art directed a photo shoot — challenging for a large product designed to blend in with its surroundings. As STARC continued to introduce new features and products, we evolved their brand while maintaining its clean, consistent look.

STARC logo
Design Rush best designaward

Award Winning Design

The design for the STARC Systems branding was featured in the The Best Corporate Branding Examples on DesignRush as one of the best designs.


STARC fonts


STARC Colors


STARC icons

Product Icons & Typesets

STARC was ranked #460 on the Inc. 5000 of fastest growing companies


Catalogs are a critical marketing tool for manufacturers like STARC. By implementing our improved messaging and visuals, we were able to showcase STARC’s innovative qualities and give their large sales team an impactful and informative catalog to help increase their sales.

Print Ads

Because STARC targets a diverse group of highly specialized professions, we developed unique messaging and visuals to best resonate with each specific audience. This strategic approach helped us create the most effective print ad in a recent issue of Medical Construction and Design.

Award winning ads

Sales Collateral

As sales grew and revenues increased, STARC required more sophisticated marketing tools to attract larger prospects. In addition to sales sheets, presentation decks and videos, we developed resources salespeople could customize to a particular client while still aligning messaging and visuals with the overall brand.  

Photo Editing

To showcase the versatility of their products, STARC had images of panels installed at actual job sites. Unlike most products, which are photographed with professional equipment in studios, images of STARC’s products were often captured on camera phones in areas with difficult lighting. We touched up the photos to reflect the product’s great look and created attractive, high-quality print and collateral.

Trade Show Booth

Getting potential clients to experience STARC’s intuitive features and superior engineering was an effective way to generate leads. As we developed their latest booth, we recreated how their products would be used in the field and created environmental graphics to highlight key features and benefits that may otherwise be overlooked.

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