SimKit: B2B Go to Market Strategy

Helping launch a new brand that simplifies emergency medicine procedural training.

SimKit provides a monthly subscription box that helps emergency medicine clinicians train for critical but rare procedures. They needed strong branding and a clear go to market marketing plan to support their product launch and growth.

simkit hero


When the client first came to us, they were using the name HALO Med, utilizing a very long acronym that could confuse target audiences. We conducted deep discovery work to better understand the client’s offerings, and their target audience’s motivations and fears. We landed on SimKit, a name that clearly communicated the client’s product – a box for simulation training.

Branding and Identity

It was important for SimKit to have a brand identity that positioned them in the healthcare industry, but still looked clean and inviting. We designed a logo using a less but still medicinal blue. We also incorporated a clean and minimal icon of a box, reflecting that SimKit is a subscription box company. Visible Logic continued to carry through the same elements in designing eye-catching shipping boxes.


HaloMed logo
halo med old site design


SimKit Logo
simkit website
Simkit package design
branded email


SimKit combines physical models for procedural simulation with comprehensive digital learning. We worked with SimKit to select a learning management system and integrate it with their website. We also developed their e-commerce store and membership management. With robust beta testing, presale, and launch phases of the site, Visible Logic took care to ensure that the customer journey on SimKit’s website was seamless.

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How it works page design
SimKit lesson page
Simkit resource library page design
Emergency Room

We just had our advisory committee meeting and showed off your awesome work. People were very impressed!”

—Jason Hine, SimKit Founder

Startup Launch Marketing Plan

Interactive quiz

Like many new businesses, a priority for SimKit was to create some way to grow their email list. Visible Logic created an interactive quiz as a way of collecting email lists and introducing people to SimKit.

Dr taking quiz
instagram social posts


SimKit needed guidance on how to reach their niche target audience of emergency medicine clinicians on social media. Visible Logic created a 3 month social media plan including hashtag research to create relevant and engaging content.

Flyers and Industry Ads

Because SimKit has such a niche audience, we focused a lot of our marketing efforts on ad space and flyers for specialty industry groups, like Women in Emergency Medicine (WiEM).

Flyers and Industry Ads
tradebooth design

Trade Booth

Conferences are a great opportunity for potential customers to interact with the SimKit models. Visible Logic created a strongly branded conference presence, including tabletop display, branded temporary tattoo designs, bag inserts, coasters, and banner design.

For more details read the complete case study.

SimKit simplifies critical simulation training. Do you need help simplifying your critical marketing?
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