Connecting a B2B company with their target audience

ScanPower provides software that helps Amazon sellers simplify and scale their operations. They needed a clear, compelling brand to compete with other software solutions targeting their audience.

scan power website

Website Redesign

When ScanPower first came to us, the messaging on their website lacked clarity and their design was not attracting the right audience. After a period of discovery, Visible Logic rewrote their website to clearly address their audience’s pain points and explain exactly how ScanPower addresses those pain points. We then updated their design to clearly reflect their offering as a software company, as well as utilizing illustrations to further clarify how the software works.


before redesign


scan power website

Digital and Print Marketing


ScanPower has a Facebook group with over 14,000 members – most of whom were not ScanPower customers. Visible Logic created a comprehensive social media plan centered around Facebook Live events in the group. In these live events, ScanPower would discuss their product and general challenges that Amazon sellers face. Video content would then be reused across all social media channels.

Social posts
Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

One of the main challenges that ScanPower had was converting free trial members to paid subscribers. Visible Logic planned and executed a drip campaign to convert these customers. Visible Logic also set up “abandoned cart” emails to capture any potential customers that did not complete the signup process.


ScanPower attends many Amazon seller trade shows. We wanted to ensure that they had a compelling display and were using these shows as a way to build their audience and market to qualified leads. Visible Logic created a trade show booth and banner, along with stickers that led prospective customers to a custom landing page for the specific show.

scanpower Tradeshow

scanpower laptop
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