Retego Data

Rebranding to clearly redefine the difference between a company and its product.

When many technology startups launch, their company and software share a common name. But this naming convention becomes an issue as a company grows and introduces new products. How do you differentiate between your brand, your original product and the new offering you’re introducing? This was the challenge faced by Group Market Share — a company and an application that enabled insurance providers to securely share market information.



Retego Data Logo
Group Market Share Logo


As they planned to sell their technology to new sectors, we recommended keeping the “Group Market Share” name for the software and choosing a new company name that would appeal and apply to a wider market. We landed on Retego — a Latin word meaning “to open, uncover or disclose”. This spoke to the technology’s ability to securely share specific types of data.

With the new name in place, we designed a logo to reflect its meaning — the opening of data in a secure, structured way.


With a new naming structure and hierarchy established, we developed separate websites for Retego Data (the company) and its flagship product — which now included “Powered by Retego Data” in its logo. The sites shared common branding, yet each focused on a unique goal. 

The corporate site, built in WordPress, focused on recruiting talent by leveraging the company’s Portland, Maine location. It also directed users to individual product sites, giving Retego the flexibility to seamlessly add sites as their product line grew. 

The product site highlighted features and benefits specific to the software. Visible Logic worked with their developers to create a design that could be built directly within their own software application.


Group Market Share Before


Group Market share website
Retego Data website

Branded Marketing Materials

To round out the overall rebrand, we developed updated business cards, letterhead and trade booth graphics.

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