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ReMo: Mobile App Branding and Marketing

Branding the app that empowers readers and supports teachers

ReMo, an app built by LiteracyTech, was created by teachers who struggled with all the administrative work involved with literary education — logging student progress, organizing libraries, keeping track of where books are and more. Frustrated with the lack of solutions to help tackle these tasks, they set out to create one, and Visible Logic joined them to create its mobile app branding.


The client wanted a name that was short, easy-to-pronounce, whimsical and memorable — all while capturing their mission to promote a lifelong love of reading. After playing around with countless combinations and compiling a long list of literary-inspired names, we came to ReMo — a truncated term for “Read More” that delivered the punchiness and fun the client was looking for.

ReMo logo
ReMo styleguide

Visual Identity

The fun, supportive approach to reading was brought to life through the brand’s visual identity. We developed a primary color palette with a cool but colorful teal and paired it with purples and oranges. We then carried that into our logo design, which featured a smiling book with an iconic bookmark.

App UI

Since we were developing the branding at the same time LiteracyTech’s developer was finishing their app build, we made sure to work in tandem to ensure a seamless brand look and feel. We helped discover ways to implement the visual identity into the user experience and designed other key elements for the app interface, such as icons.

App Design Guidance


Building a website is always a challenge, building one for a brand — and app — that is still taking shape is even more daunting. We worked closely with the ReMo team to finetune their messaging and develop a website experience that guided users through the app’s value and benefits. We also ensured it met their business needs too, developing a technologically sound backend that integrated with other tools like Hubspot and Stripe.

Website integrations


As a first-of-its-kind app, ReMo needed to succinctly and effectively demonstrate what it did and how it was useful to its audience. Because ReMo’s potential users are time-crunched educators, we developed a short explainer video that could be emailed to potential clients and watched on their own time.

Library books

Overall, we’ve gotten over $120,000 worth of funding that we wouldn’t have gotten if they didn’t help us look like a well-established, professional company.”

—Michelle DeBlois, CEO, Literacy Tech Inc

Winner of Maine’s $25,000 Top Gun startup pitch competition.

Pitch deck

Beyond supporting their branding and marketing efforts, we also helped this startup with investor presentation materials and various pitch decks, including the one they used to win Top Gun — a business accelerator program that culminates in Maine’s top startups pitching their ideas for a $25,000 prize.

Remo pitch deck

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