New England Clean Energy

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It’s been over a decade since we first partnered with New England Clean Energy — a Massachusetts-based company that sells and installs renewable energy systems. In that time, renewable energy technology, as well as consumers’ knowledge and interest in it, has changed significantly. Throughout our long partnership, we have regularly fine-tuned their approach so it reflected current industry trends and consumer behaviors, all while leveraging the best marketing methods and technologies.

New England Clean Energy logo

Brand Identity

One of our earliest projects was creating their logo and developing their brand identity. Because solar was often viewed as something “high-tech” and hard to understand, they wanted an approachable logo with a human touch. The result was a seamless combination of sun and wind icons, representing their two main energy sources. The logo is still used today, showing how a thoughtful approach to design can create lasting brand identities.

Print & Collateral

Years ago, solar was a niche product, and most sales leads were generated through home shows, door-to-door visits and referrals. This made the printed marketing materials we produced, such as business cards, signage, stationary and door hangers, essential to their business.

Solar panels

“Our website continues to get kudos for content and design. Visible Logic helps keep us looking relevant. In short, they’ve always had our back.”

—Douglas McCartney, CEO, New England Clean Energy


The website always was — and continues to be — focused on educational resources to help the public make informed decisions about solar. But as time went on, the marketplace became more saturated and competition for online leads increased exponentially. To respond, we expanded our approach to optimize the website and its content to capture search traffic through featured reviews and 3rd party referral sites. Through the years, our efforts included updates to better track goals and metrics in Google Analytics and integrating their WordPress site with various CRM platforms and business tools.

Even as we shifted approaches, we always maintained the brand’s personal, informative and friendly voice.


New England Clean Energy Website Design

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