MCR Performance Solutions

Creating a unified look for a company with diverse areas of focus

The Chicago-based MCR Group is a consulting firm specializing in the energy and utility sectors. Because they work in a number of niche industries, their website was filled with an overwhelming amount of dense text. It read more like a reference book than it did a website. Which is why they called upon Visible Logic to rebuild their site in a way that was user friendly, yet still retained the important information they needed to share with their audience.


We developed a new website with a solid organizational structure to ensure information was discoverable and easy to digest. It also allowed MCR staff to upload and update content in order to keep their site current.

To help users quickly and easily find content relevant to them, we organized information by service area and assigned a unique color to each. In addition, we introduced a photographic style to help reduce large blocks of text and make it easy to identify their six service areas.

This theme was deployed throughout the website and used in offline marketing materials.

MCR website
blue background image with stock numbers, arrows and charts

“Visible Logic designed a robust and dynamic website with tools and resources that allow us to give our clients reasons to return.”

—Nilsa Sweetser, MCR Group

Lead capture

The website helped capture leads by having users register to download free whitepapers. Their website, white papers and email marketing system worked together to direct users through a sales funnel that focused on providing information relevant to that potential client’s particular industry.

Lead Capture

Email marketing

Visible Logic continued their service-focused branding by creating a suite of email templates.

MCR marketing email

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