Providing a modern brand identity for a traditional government organization

The Maine Public Employees Retirement System (MainePERS) manages the retirement plans for numerous public employees in Maine, including teachers, public officials, legislators, judges and more. While their organization is the epitome of consistency and stability, they were ready to make a change when it came to the logo. They hired Visible Logic to design an updated identity that both staff and members would embrace.


Because MainePERS supports many different types of public employees, they needed a hard-working logo that could appeal to a diverse audience. As the organization prepared to move into a new building, they used the opportunity to create a unified visual identity. Colors that were chosen for the new office’s interior and exterior were incorporated into the brand palette.


Old logo


MainePERS logo

MainePERS icons

Visual System

Included in our new visual system was a collection of photo styles and icons that were designed to assist members in identifying the service or type of information most relevant to their needs. 

We also developed visual and content templates that their internal teams could use — in conjunction with our branding system — to create their own communications. This ensured brand consistency and standards for their internal teams.


The MainePERS website had gone years without an update, and the gradual addition of new content and pages — often by various stakeholders or teams — created a sprawling site with a challenging user experience. In addition, there were countless forms, guidebooks, reports and other important information for the employees and members that needed to be organized, redesigned and implemented on the new site. Our overhaul included more appealing visuals, technical optimizations and an improved user experience to better serve their members. We were also able to maintain their high security standards and offer their staff in-depth training on how to update the site — ensuring its quality and longevity.



Printed Materials and Member Communications

We applied our visual system to a wide array of printed marketing material — from a report to highlight their environmental and socially responsible investments to handbooks that provided information to various member groups. This created communications that spoke to different audience groups but maintained a consistent style and voice.

Judicial member handbook
State Member handbook
PLD member handbook
Teach member handbook
ESG report

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