Maine Technology Institute

Bringing focus and functionality to the marketing of Maine’s innovation organization.

Since 1999, MTI has invested over $270 million across 2,800 innovative projects throughout Maine. As a state-funded, public-private partnership, they operate within an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, publicly-traded companies, nonprofits, government organizations, industries, programs, trade groups, venture capital firms and more. A vital — yet complex — organization, they require unique, nimble and versatile marketing skills — all of which we provide.

Annual Reports

We saw an opportunity to turn a straightforward document into an engaging marketing piece about the impact of their work. From art directing photo shoots with their clients, creating data visualization and writing stories about successful ventures they supported, we were able to capture MTI’s expansive efforts in a concise, cohesive and compelling publication.

MTI Annual report cover
MTI Annual report spread
MTI timeline
shared goals
Maine based
7 sectors

Innovative and forward thinking

Branding Toolkit

With a diverse audience to speak to and numerous initiatives and programs to promote, MTI needed an adaptable set of marketing tools that could be customized and fine-tuned by multiple stakeholders and used for various purposes. We expanded their branding and incorporated it into various marketing materials, including a new email template built on our intuitive Mail On the Mark platform.

Content and Advertising

As MTI transitioned to an entirely new approach and process for their investing, we developed the messaging and content to communicate this landmark shift. We developed entirely new boilerplate language and organizational information, wrote investment and investor fit criteria and explained programs and processes.

To inspire other entrepreneurs and demonstrate MTI’s impact on the Maine economy, we authored client success stories, which were featured on MTI’s website and used for print advertising.

MTI sucess story ads

20th Anniversary Celebration

MTI turned to us for help organizing their 20th anniversary celebration — from developing the theme, handling event logistics, building presentation decks, producing a retrospective video and creating the celebration’s branding and visuals. We also designed a commemorative book for the event that won an American Graphic Design Award.

20 years grahic
20 year commemorative book

SBIR Marketing

MTI is Maine’s official support organization of the federal SBIR program. While the SBIR program is extremely useful for small businesses, it was not well known or understood. We create clear messaging and compelling visuals to promote events through print and digital channels and drive audience attendance and engagement.

MTI SBIR infographics

Award Submission Video

MTI nominated RockStep Solutions, one of its portfolio companies, for the Tibbetts Award. They went on to win this prestigious award and Visible Logic created their submission video.

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