Maine Marathon: Nonprofit Rebrand

Visible Logic helped set record registration numbers for a race that was losing steam.

As a nonprofit, volunteer-led race, the Gorham Savings Bank Maine Marathon focused its efforts on organizing an amazing race day experience and raising money for charity. This left few resources for marketing & branding. But as competition from other races increased, the Maine Marathon’s registration numbers fell. When a new race director was announced, he turned to Visible Logic to rebrand and revive the race.

Maine Marathon Logo
Our strategy helped lead to a record 3,841 registrations for the 2019 race


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Strategy & Positioning

We began by leading 20+ key volunteers through an analysis of their competition and a discovery process to identify their own race’s key characteristics. We combined these insights with our own research to create a unique market position that leveraged the race’s strengths — a community-run event that benefited the community.

maine marathon stats

Logo Design

Our logo captured Portland in the fall, with allusions to the race’s start/finish in Portland’s coastal Back Cove neighborhood and pops of fall foliage. We paired it with typography that was reminiscent of classic Maine road signs without it feeling dated or derivative.

Maine Marathon Logo
Branding Guide
Maine Marathon swag

“Visible Logic helps us define how the event should be marketed, to whom, and where. In terms of metrics, our social media presence has grown, and our pre-registrations have gone up by 86%.”

—Bob Dunfey, Race Director, Maine Marathon

Website Design

We wanted the race’s digital experience to reflect its actual experience. Visually captivating footage showed racers on the scenic course. Intuitive navigation made the site as well organized as volunteers made the race itself. And content highlighted inspiring charities the race supported.

Email Marketing

Designed and deployed with Mail on the Mark, we coordinated a comprehensive email strategy that kept runners engaged and informed. Email became a primary channel for communicating race details, and each newsletter and update saw a corresponding spike in registration.

Email marketing drove registrations

Collateral and Reports

We implemented our updated design and branding in race medals, clothing, signage and other promotional material. This included reports on the race’s positive impact on the environment, economy and charities, which helped attract new sponsors and support.

green report
maine marathon reports
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