Dental Lace: Award-Winning Design

Creating award-winning design for an eco-friendly floss.

Eco-friendly floss packaged in zero-waste, refillable containers, Dental Lace is an environmentally friendly alternative to wasteful, traditional dental floss. But its creator, Jodi Breau, knew if it was going to have an impact — both on the environment and in the marketplace — it needed to grab consumers’ attention and be worth showing off. That’s where Visible Logic came in.

Dental Lace
Dental Lave floss containers and boxes in a bathroom

Brand Design

Because Dental Lace’s containers wouldn’t be thrown away, they would be visible in people’s bathrooms or in their purse. This kind of permanence created a desire to make beautiful packaging central to their brand. We developed an eye-catching color palette and fun patterns, then incorporated them into everything from the brand’s logo, containers, packaging and e-commerce platforms.

Dental Lace Logo
Dental Lace style guide
Dental Lace swirls green background

“As a startup, Dental Lace leans on Visible Logic and trusts their judgment in so many areas of the business. Their confident approach to marketing is comforting.”

—Jodi Breau | Founder | Dental Lace

Consumer Response

Dental Lace made floss eco-friendly, and Visible Logic made it fashionable. This helped it stand out on store shelves, gain wider distribution and turn floss into a product people became passionate about — as fans were eager to show it off on social media, instead of hiding it in their medicine cabinet.

Dental Lace on Instagram
Dental Lace social image
Bamboo or wood texture

Media Attention

Dental Lace’s design even caught the eye of major media outlets — appearing on Martha Stewart’s website and being featured on Good Morning America.

Good Morning America logo
Martha Stewart Logo

5 Dental Lace floss container in pebbles on the beach
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