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Parents and caregivers are often confronted with a massive amount of advice, instructions and conflicting information when it comes to protecting their child’s safety. As experts in the field, the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) created Childproofing Experts to be the ultimate online resource on baby proofing and child proofing. The IAFCS Executive Director called on Visible Logic to take the organization’s wealth of information and turn it into engaging and digital-friendly content that caregivers could easily find and understand.

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We developed a user- and SEO-friendly site that allowed the client to update and feature new content on childproofing topics. The design promoted scrolling and browsing, so caregivers could discover new information. A robust and intuitive search feature enables users to filter content by their child’s age and area of home — quickly providing them with hyper-relevant information.

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Part of our content strategy was to profile members and highlight their expertise. This was tied into a “Find a Childproofer” search function that helped users identify other experts.

Infographics & Slideshows

We worked closely with the IAFCS to create easy-to-understand content, such as highly-visual infographics and SEO-friendly slideshows that highlighted their members’ expertise. When integrated into the website, each content piece included social sharing functionality to help caregivers pass the expert information on to others. 

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Overlooked safety hazards

Member Marketing Training

Visible Logic provided training and webinars for IAFCS members to help them work on their own websites, improve their social marketing and grow their businesses. This helped create a digital ecosystem that the IAFCS — and — could use to spread their message and share their knowledge. 


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