Web Site Review

If you are considering a web site redesign, start with our web site review. We’ll analyze what’s working and what needs improvement from a design, content, branding, usability and SEO view.

We will review your web site and:

  • Make suggestions on how to improve the design, branding and usability by looking at imagery, typography, color and layout choices.
  • Give feedback on whether the navigation is intuitive and if content is clearly organized.
  • Evaluate the quality and focus of the content and messaging by reading key text, charts or infographics.
  • Analyze traffic by reviewing Google Analytics, if available.
  • Review and give recommendations on how to optimize the site for search (SEO).
  • How to better connect with readers and with social media channels.

Let us know your challenges and goals for your web site so we can prioritize your most critical needs.

Our web site review is only $500 and includes:

  • A summary of feedback on design & branding, content & messaging, usability & navigation, SEO & traffic, and overall web best practices. This multipage report will score you in each of these key areas.
  • Priority list. Based on your goals, we will make recommendations on the most pressing needs for improving your web site.
  • A one hour call to review the site and our findings together.

Reviewing your web site before moving forward with a web site redesign project can be one the smartest ways to improve your site. It is an investment that will save you money in the long run.

Get started!