Brand-driven digital marketing

I know that you’re eager to make sales by starting your PPC and SEO strategies as quickly as possible, but trust us, taking the time to fix your brand first will improve the ROI of every marketing campaign. When people are searching online for a solution, they are ready to take action. If your website (or landing page) looks unprofessional, doesn’t connect with them personally, or is just ugly or slow loading, they’ll keep looking elsewhere. 

Before we launch your Adwords campaign or optimize your website for search, we’ll shore up your brand’s foundation. A content marketing or pay-per-click campaign built on top of a weak brand foundation will be more expensive and less successful.

Custom work with transparent pricing

Our approach to digital marketing is customized, strategic, and thoughtful, and our flat-rate pricing makes it easy for you to budget.

Digital MarketingPPCPPC + Content marketing with SEO
Month 1Brand Fundamentals
Keyword research
Brand Fundamentals
Keyword research
Topic generation
Website audit and technical and search optimization (up to 25 pages)
Months 2+Launch, optimize, and manage Adwords campaigns with custom landing pages.
Launch, optimize, and manage Adwords campaigns with custom landing pages.
Edit and optimize 2 blogs / month
Pricing$1000 or 20% of ad spend.$2000 or 20% of ad spend.

Looking for something different? Book a consultation so we can learn about your goals and we’ll create a custom estimate.

What to expect

On-brand designs, compelling writing, and data-driven decisions

We create beautiful, impactful designs that are paired with engaging copy, but we don’t just care about making it look or sound good. We review the data and then test and optimize our work to increase conversions and lower your customer acquisition costs. 

Transparent communications

We’ll have monthly meetings where we will share your data in a way that you can understand. 

A holistic view of your brand and marketing

Learn more about all of our digital marketing services, including Pay-per-click, on-page search optimization, technical optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and more.

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What’s included

Month 1

Brand Fundamentals

In the first 30 days we’ll help you:

  • Define your ideal client: Who are they and what do they want? This will ensure your ads are being shown to the right prospects and that your message connects with their pains and aspirations.
  • Map out your customer journey & funnel: Why are they searching for your product or service? What do they already know about you? What will happen if they aren’t ready to buy now?
  • Clarify your value proposition: What are the most important benefits of your product or service? How do you help your customers? How are you different from other options in the marketplace?

Keyword research

Whether we’re optimizing your web content to attract organic traffic or bidding on keywords, we need to know what keywords your prospects are using.

Topic generation

Inbound-focused content marketing serves two purposes: it captures organic search traffic and shows off your expertise. During our first month, we’ll help you find topics that are search friendly and of true interest to your prospects.

Website audit: search and technical optimization

Before you add new content to your site, it’s a good idea to optimize what you already have.

  • On-page keyword optimization: Based on our keyword research we will go through your top 25 pages to ensure that your headings, copy, tags, and metadata are all optimized for search.
  • Technical optimization diagnosis: We’ll run benchmarking audits on your site speed to make sure Google isn’t penalizing you for a slow site.
  • Create an optimized web page: Landing pages that show off your visual brand with messaging that connects your benefits to your keyword strategy.

Ongoing: Months 2+

Ongoing optimization of campaigns

We are committed to optimizing your campaign.  

  • Keyword optimization: finding the right search terms to capture queries.
  • Ad optimization: Using the best words and messaging in your ads to attract leads.
  • Demographic optimization: Showing your ads to the best prospects
  • Landing page optimization: Once they get to your site, brand-driven landing pages.

Edit and optimize 2 blogs per month

The benefits of content marketing are two-fold: 

  1. show your thought leadership and 
  2. increase organic search traffic by using keywords in your expert articles. 

We don’t want you to create keyword dribble! We focus on positioning you as the thought leader by writing valuable and keyword-rich content. And we’ll help you create these blogs efficiently by:

  • Generating ideas for topics
  • Allowing you to write quick outlines or drafts and we will edit the copy.
  • Maximizing the SEO effect of your blog
  • On-page optimization
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Why your digital marketing problem may really be a branding problem

signs that your marketing problems are really branding problems

If your PPC campaigns are optimized for the right keywords but you just aren’t making sales, then you probably have a branding problem, not a marketing problem.

In a pay-per-click campaign, there are many steps along the way from search to sale. Even if you set up a campaign focused on the right audience, discovered relevant keywords, and bid successfully, you won’t see final conversions if your brand message doesn’t make sense.

Landing pages are like micro versions of your brand. Every weakness in your brand gets amplified when you focus it on a landing page.

If your message isn’t connecting to your audience: no clicks.

If the visual design looks unprofessional: no clicks.

If you don’t appear to be trustworthy: definitely no clicks.

Getting clear on just the right benefits to focus on and saying that clearly, succinctly, and emotionally are essential elements of compelling landing page copy. Then, putting it into a professionally designed web page will lead to a high converting landing page.

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