Case Study

Maine startup & Create week

Branding • Web Site • E-newsletter • Printed Materials

Maine Startup and Create Week

For Maine Startup & Create Week 2016, Visible Logic designed the brand identity, developed a robust web site to showcase the complex schedule and sent out more than 20 e-newsletters to promote the event.

About our client

Maine Startup and Create Week is a week-long event in Portland, Maine focused on attracting high-growth entrepreneurship to Maine.

The Challenge

Maine Startup and Create Week 2016 needed a recognizable brand image that connected with the 2014 and 2015 events, but that better represented the energy of the event and was easier to use as the foundation for the brand identity.

The web site was the hub for all information and needed to effectively promote the event from January (when there is little specific information to share) through the week of the event when it’s exploding with information.

The volunteer-led conference had used e-newsletters sporadically in the past, but needed to be more consistent with their approach in 2016 to stay in touch with those interested in attending and/or volunteering at the event. The e-newsletter’s goal was two-fold: first to drive ticket sales and secondly to keep ticket-buyers informed of details about the event.

The Solution

An energetic brand image supported by a highly functional web site and a well-planned email strategy.

Brand identity

For the 2016 event, we updated the logo, making it reminiscent of the previous year but giving it a new look. The lightning bolt and the state of Maine had been key elements of the logo for the previous years, but we wanted to ensure that it looked like inspiration striking and not the state being cleaved to pieces.

Maine Startup and Create Week


The MSCW site needed to be flexible enough to evolve as information about the event became finalized. Marketing for the event begins far in advance of booking most of the speakers, so the site had to look good when it had minimal information and then grow as speakers and session details were finalized.

The site is also a key attendee tool to get information the week of the event. The site includes a filterable schedule page, so attendees could find their event by type or day in the list of over 90 different sessions. The site listed and cross-linked over 100 speakers and their bios.

Submission forms to collect information on speaker bios, and affiliate event information were all housed behind the scenes using the web site.


Maine Startup and Create Week Devices

Printed Materials

Visible Logic directly designed or oversaw the completion of a wide range of marketing and user-experience pieces including: printed ads, daily schedules and on-site signage.

printed materials




Mail on the Mark, Visible Logic’s email marketing platform, was used to send information about the 2016 event to past attendees, prospective ticket-buyers, current attendees, speakers and volunteers.

Our team helped write content, edit content, design key graphics and keep the newsletters going out on a consistent time line. We also integrated with Zapier to generate an automatic email response after tickets were purchased.

The email marketing program drove more ticket sales than any other marketing channel for the event. We nearly doubled the total number of e-newsletters sent from the prior year, while using segmented lists to ensure we didn’t oversend to targets.

The Results

The updated brand was extremely well received and able to translate effectively across many types of media including the web site, email, social media, print and digital marketing campaigns.

The web site was a work horse that was the hub for building a recognizable brand, marketing the event and housing a large amount of information. The site was able to showcase a very complex schedule with a large number of speakers. It was mobile optimized to work effectively on-site as a replacement to most printed materials.

The email marketing program drove more ticket sales than any other marketing channel for the event, and drove early ticket sales.