Case Study

Childproofing Experts

Branding • Web Site Design • Infographics • Social Media Integration

International Association for Child Safety


Colleen Driscoll
Executive Director, IAFCS

Visible Logic recommended we create a second, news-style web site and it was definitely the right choice. The team at Visible Logic created infographics and designed a site to help us highlight and share the unique expertise and experiences of our members. The project has raised the visibility of our organization and our members. Also, our members now have high-quality graphics and articles to use in their own marketing. Emily’s informative webinar on content marketing provided advice to help our members use our new resources effectively.

About Our Client

The International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) is a trade group for professional childproofers. The IAFCS and its members specialize in educating families about home hazards, selecting safety products and installing these products in homes. The IAFCS also certifies professional childproofers.


The Challenge

Demonstrate the expertise and professionalism of IAFCS members and improve the recognition of  professional childproofers with parents, caregivers and professionals such as doctors and others in the community. Build trust with parents by providing information and tips on how to babyproof effectively and safely.


The Solution

Create an e-zine style web site to share tips, articles and infographics about child proofing, and to post IAFCS member profiles. Rather than build on top of their current web site that was focused on membership, a second news-style web site was developed:

The content is graphically rich with custom illustrations created by Visible Logic to support the information that highlights their members’ expertise. The articles and infographics are highly shareable, encouraging readers to post links on their own social media channels.

Brand Identity and Web Design


An overall visual identity was built for the brand to give the web site and all the infographics a cohesive design. Visible Logic started the process by developing the logo.

Editorial Calendar and Content DevelopmentIAFCS-Childproofing-Experts-infographics

Working closely with the Executive Director of the IAFCS, Visible Logic developed an editorial calendar. Content ideas were generated that would turn into infographics, long-form articles and member tips.

IAFCS Childproofing Experts expert profile

Visible Logic designed visuals­—including checklists, how-to graphics and tip sheets—to complement articles which were an important part of the association’s goals for sharing members’ expertise. Visible Logic interviewed IAFCS members to provide tips, be profiled in longer biographies and as experts quoted in articles. All content was carefully reviewed by the IAFCS for accuracy.

Social Media Integration


The web site was developed using WordPress and set up so that as new content is published, it can be shared automatically in social media. Readers are encouraged to share items in their own social media streams as well as follow using easy-access buttons. Infographics are easily shareable with “pin this” buttons and cut-and-paste code for easy embedding on a web site or blog. In addition, Visible Logic created the social media graphics for ChildproofingExperts.

Member Webinars


Emily Brackett, president of Visible Logic, gave two educational webinars to IAFCS members. The webinars gave members, who are small business owners, practical advice for how to use the content in their own marketing to improve search, to share on social media and to raise awareness for their business. Tips and tools were presented for members to learn how to integrate graphics into social media, share articles with their own clients and help each other build the visibility of all professional childproofers.


The web site was built so that IAFCS can continue to add content easily on their own. Visible Logic provided a detailed, customized user guide and phone-based training.

The Results holds a unique niche, sharing practical and extremely trustworthy information. Creating a second web site, separate from their membership-driven corporate site allowed them to tailor the content to their primary audience: parents and caregivers who are prospects for their members. The professionally developed content—including articles, high-quality photographs and custom-designed infographics—gives the organization and individual members credible and helpful information to share. Individual members get recognition with their profiles.