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Everyone seems to wonder: “How much traffic is my web site getting?” “Am I getting enough hits on my web site?” “How much traffic should I expect from my web site?”

What you really need to find out is: Am I getting the right traffic to help my business? Because more traffic does not always equate to more leads, more sales, more calls or however you define as success.

How does your web site fit into your business plan?

I’m frequently surprised when clients seem to have some random number in their head about the amount of traffic they expect from their web site. It makes more sense to think about what result you’d like to see. Would you like people to call you? Ask for an estimate? Buy a product? Subscribe to your newsletter?

Some web site’s are the business: for example, an online retailer. But many small businesses are not directly conducting business via their web site. Rather, their web site supports their marketing and sales efforts. If this is the case think about:

  • Who do you want to visit your site?
  • When this ideal person arrives, what do you want them to do?

Some web sites don’t need more traffic, just the right visitors

OK, nearly everyone can benefit from traffic because it can have SEO benefits. But, a local-focused business such as a gym, restaurant or school probably cannot derive many benefits from having a lot of visitors who are not close to where they are located.

We are currently in the process of helping a client launch a business like that here in Portland, Maine. They really want to make sure people in Portland, Maine can find their web site (and therefore their business). But it’s not going to be very helpful for them to have lots of traffic from viewers across the nation or across the world. These are not potential customers for them!

Direct your prospects to take action

Once you have your ideal customer at your web site, make it easy for them to the take the next step. This step may be an overt sales step such as: fill out this form, or sign up for a class. Or, it may be more about engaging them and building a trusted relationship with them.

Your goal probably should be to nurture your relationship, develop trust and prove your experience. In this case blogs, e-newsletters, case studies and testimonials are all helpful.


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