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One thing that can be difficult for people to grasp is that your brand is not completely shaped by yourself and your organization. There are external factors that help build your brand.

As a graphic designer and brand identity specialist I hear the confusion that surrounds the conflicting ideas of building a brand identity and dealing with the external factors that also become part of your brand image.

A strong brand identity can help you promote an ideal vision of your company, product or service and can help you manage some of the external brand perceptions.

Frequently, small business owners:

  • Don’t take a comprehensive approach to their brand identity, but should
  • Don’t properly use and share key files (such as logo artwork)
  • Don’t empower their employees to share and build their brand
  • Don’t effectively use customer stories and media coverage to their benefit

Take a look at this slide show, it’s a visual metaphor for how a strong internal identity strategies can counteract external influences.

Did this help you better understand the outside effects on your brand and also how a strong brand identity and message strategy can help you maintain your brand image?

Note: I replaced the original slide show with this version from SlideShare.

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