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This post was written by DeAnne Curran a senior designer and developer here at Visible Logic.

wordcamp maine 2015

WordCamp Maine returned to Portland again this year with new speakers and lots to learn. I was honored to be a speaker on the design panel last year.

As many of our clients know, I love using WordPress. Because of it’s ease of use and flexibility, we can build something for our clients to manage and create with, no matter what their background is.

WordCamp is an interesting experience since just like our clients who use WordPress, the attendees have a wide range of skills and backgrounds with WordPress. Some attendees are just starting out and others are skilled developers who help contribute to the WordPress core.

Speeding up WordPress: development, site load and management

An overarching theme this year for the talks I listened to was speed; either speeding up the building process, speeding up web site load times, or speeding up the users experience by making it simpler.

Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) has been on our radar but it seemed like a daunting talk to learn another language. Having watched Mike DeWitt’s talk on developing WordPress themes using modular Sass, and all the ways it can speed up development using functions and variable, I am now convinced it’s worth it.

Trevan Hetzel had a great talk on way to speed up site load. A few minor changes in our process can help lead to a faster site in the end.

Once the site is complete, we can customize the dashboard to help our clients find what they need faster and easier. Sarah Hines gave a talk about how these customizations are so valuable to users after development, and how in doing so we can offer even better customer service to our clients.

Now that WordCamp is over, I’m inspired to investigate more of these options and try some new processes. It’s great to have this exciting and motivating event be a part of our city and community.

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