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Web UX to improve brand experience

I just got back from the UXPA conference in Boston. I had heard about the conference thru Jared Spool’s blog and e-newsletter over at User Interface Engineering.

UX, or User Experience, is a term that covers many different job titles, disciplines and industries. It was interesting to see all the different aspects of UX that conference attendees were involved with: design of icons, typography, measuring the effectiveness (speed) of user experience, content strategy and more. There were many UI designers involved with software teams, but not many from the branding and marketing side of web development.

Here are Visible Logic we have a holistic approach to our design and development of web sites and it encompasses many of these same areas. I was surprised, at the conference, how few people I met that were approaching UX from a branding perspective.

Enhancing your brand with Web UX

Your web site is an incredibly powerful touchpoint. When we think of developing a brand through a web site, we often focus exclusively on the look and feel: have we correctly displayed the corporate logo and color palette, etc.

However, I spend a lot of time encouraging our clients to think beyond that. What content you show, how you organize it, the tone of the copy and the use (or lack) of supporting graphics all enhance or detract from the user experience.

These online interactions create strong impressions of how it will be to work with your organization. Is the web site fast and easy to use, or far from it? Whether you like it or not, your web site viewers are connecting your web UX with the greater user experience they will expect from you.

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