Web Site Redesign Case Study: ClaimVantage.com

January 31, 2011 | Business, Case Studies and Our Work, Design Trends, Website Design and Redesign

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Recently, we redesigned the web site of ClaimVantage.com.

ClaimVantage offers a suite of software products, available in both cloud and enterprise packages, that automate and integrate insurance claims processing. Their newest claims processing product is a cloud-based solution that runs using the force.com platform (from salesforce.com). In the insurance industry, which has generally relied on large-scale enterprise software solutions, this is a very new way of approaching  claims processing.

Before: ClaimVantage.com old home page design
After: The redesigned claimvantage.com home page

The web site design did not reflect this forward-thinking, cloud-based solution. It looked rather rigid and out of date with a boxy design, heavy color palette and graphic elements that looked out of date. We began the web site design project focusing on making the web site design more inviting and modern looking. We also helped to reorganize content and navigation structures to make content easier to find.

The old site had several issues that we focused on improving:

  • Creating a look and feel that complemented SalesForce.com ClaimVantage is using SalesForce.com‘s platform and wanted to benefit from SalesForce’s strong brand identity and clean graphic appeal. The original website design used rigid-looking boxes and a dark color palette. The SalesForce.com website design is light, airy and fluid looking. It visually represents the idea of cloud-based software. ClaimVantage also wanted this look that shows their new product as flexible and nimble. By rounding the corners on the boxes and using a very light color palette we were able to create that effect. We also eliminated the graphic icons in the sidebar that looked out of date.
  • Making the live area more narrow. The live area of the web site was very wide, about 1250 pixels wide in fact. And, one of the most critical elements—the 30-day free trial button—was on the far right side. The design did not use a fluid layout, so we guessed that many viewers were getting a scroll bar on their browser and not even seeing that important call to action. We confirmed our guess by using Googlelab’s browser size tool and discovered that 50% of their users were probably NOT seeing that element unless they scrolled to the right. Our new design is about 1000 pixels wide so that button is nearly always viewable on a standard monitor.
  • Using the royalty-free illustrations in a more modern way. The company had bought the usage rights to a series of illustrations, and we felt there was some merit in keeping those graphic elements as part of their brand identity. However, with royalty-free illustrations, especially ones that are a few years old, you have to make some adjustments to make them look up-to-date. We solved this problem by integrating them more fully into a design that included modern touches such as a softer color palette and rounded corners on the boxes.
  • Making content easier for viewers to find. We made several important design changes to make content easier to find.
    • We added drop-down menus to the main navigation, so people didn’t have to guess which section held which type of content.
    • We moved critical information, including a new video and key product information to the home page.
    • We listed all the case studies, rather than using a rotating graphic as navigation. Before people would have to sit and wait for an animated graphic to see the different case studies that were included on the web site (do you really think prospects will do that?)
    • We increased the contrast in the color of the key call to action—the 30-day free trial button.
  • We reshot the video that demonstrates the software. The old site had a video which showed the key functionality of the software, but the video was all shot like one mini screen shot. It never zoomed in so that it was difficult to see the details that were being demonstrated. Using the exact same content, we redesigned the video to focus on key details, and we used a professional voice over talent to make the audio easier to understand. We also moved the video from an internal page to the home page. The video is being hosted by Wistia so we have very good data to see who is viewing the video.

We encourage you to take a look at the live site and take a look around.

Next steps

The new web site design was the first step in a series of steps that are part of making this web site a more valuable business tool.

  • Writing. We also worked with a writing partner to rewrite much of the content on the web site. It is now much more reader friendly, while still focusing on natural SEO benefits. This included rewriting existing content, but also figuring out what content a viewer would like to read know more about, but was missing. We helped the client focus on some of the business problems that prospects are trying to solve and emphasize the solutions, rather than focusing too much on the features of the software.
  • Adwords and landing pages. We also reviewed their Google Analytics and Adwords campaigns and, unfortunately, found a pretty high bounce rate and several old adword campaigns linking to landing pages that were no longer part of the live site. Our next step in the web site redevelopment process is creating more relevant landing pages and linking those up with appropriate keywords in Google Adwords.
  • Relaunching the blog. We are planning to relaunch their blog soon. We took it offline because the client did not have the resources to create content on their own. We will be working with them to develop content and an editorial calendar. We are planning a very hands-on approach to help them create a system for writing their blog.

This web site redesign process is not a quick, one-step process. There are multiple factors that play into whether or not your web site is successful: design, usability, content, readability, search engine optimization, and AdWord traffic, to name a critical few. We are working on a step-by-step basis to not only redesign the web site, but make it a more effective tool for the business.

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