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Blog Action Day 2012Today is Blog Action Day 2012, and this year’s theme is The Power of We.

I like to participate in Blog Action Day because I like to my blog to be part of something bigger. I’ve only written only once before, but I find the chosen themes to be very thought provoking.

When I think about Blog Action Day and about many of the bloggers who will participate, I may feel that the goals of running a design and branding firm are pretty small compared to people who devote their energy to a more meaningful non-profit. But, as I tried to find a topic or theme for this post, I realized that just the act of writing this post and making my blog part of a larger community of blogs demonstrates the power of we.

People come to Visible Logic for branding help, including logo design, web design and social media expertise. Our clients and prospects tend to think of these as “marketing.” But really they are about trying to make connections and create a community of people who care.

If people see a logo and enjoy it’s beauty and want to learn about the organization behind it, then your logo is successful. If you build a web site and viewers come to learn from you and trust you (you know, content rules), you have a successful web site. If you share your thoughts and stories on Facebook and people comment on and share your posts, that is a successful use of social media.

Branding is about the power of we because a logo (or web site or tweet) just sitting there without having any effect on anyone is a waste.

You may be the founder of a non-profit doing the most important work in the world, but if no one knows, or understands, what you do, they will be unlikely to get involved. Or, you may be doing something more mundane like running a dry cleaner, gift shop or restaurant. But whatever you do—on an individual level or for your business or organization—if you don’t make a connection with other people (customers, donors, partners), you’ll never be as successful as you could be.

This is the power of we.

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