Survey Results: Your Web Site Is Critical To First Impressions

October 22, 2014 | Website Design and Redesign

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I’m one of those people that whenever I hear of a new product, service or company I immediately like to check out their web site. It gives me a fast and thorough way to understanding what they are doing and what they are offering.

How professional the web site looks will have a deep impact on my impression of the company as a whole.

I know that I’m very connected to the web and I wondered if others were so quick to check out web sites and how important that first impression was with them.

So I set out to survey people.

I reached out through Facebook, LinkedIn and this blog to find participants in the survey. Since I found these users online, they were clearly web users, but they were not necessarily designers or people I necessarily knew professionally.

We’ve compiled the full results into a whitepaper, and I’d be happy to email it to you.

Yup, we all like to check out web sites

The survey results confirmed just how critical web sites are to prospects. Many people do the exact same thing as I do.

87% of people almost always check out web sites.
When you learn of a new product, service or business, do you check out its web site?

In fact all but one percent of respondents check out web sites of new businesses on a regular basis. 56% percent of our respondents almost always check out the web site of a new product, service or business; 31% usually do so and 12% sometimes do.

Web sites strongly affect what products and services we choose

It is not surprising, therefore, that the web site affects which product or service people choose. First impressions are extremely crucial to success, and nowadays first impressions often happen on your web site.

96 percent are affected by web sites
When researching products and services the web site highly affects who I choose.

Among our survey respondents, 41% admitted that frequently the web site highly affects which product or service they choose; and 55% sometimes feel this way.

Your bad web site is turning away prospects

Think of all the lost opportunities you missed with your poor web site.

Everyone admits to leaving bad web sites
I have left a web site because it was poorly designed or difficult to use.

Every single one or our survey respondents admitted to leaving bad web sites. 53% admit to doing it sometimes and 47% do it frequently.

As I meet business owners at networking events, I hear many web site owners complain about their web sites and feel shame about how poorly their web presence reflects their company. They sometimes try to deflect the importance of this issue by claiming that their web site is not a real driver of leads for their business.

I encourage you to view the entire results of our survey in our white paper.

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