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We are pleased to announce the results of our survey about the importance of branded email addresses on business cards.

Email addresses matter

Entrepreneurs and new business owners are always struggling with how to increase brand equity. A simple way to make you and your business look more professional is to set up a domain-level, branded email address for yourself and put it on your business cards. This means your email address matches the domain name for your web site. For example, nancysmith@yourcompany.com.

Start ups, sole practitioners, and small businesses often use email addresses set up on a free or low cost service like gmail or hot mail. But beware, these addresses are seen as unprofessional by customers and prospects.

I always thought it was a bad idea to use an email address that was not based on the domain name, but couldn’t find any research to back it up. We conducted the survey to prove a point. It’s hard to argue with such conclusive results.

70% of people think a non-domain-name email address is unprofessional.
70% of people think a non-domain-name email address is unprofessional.

Survey Results

Respondents overwhelmingly felt that non-domain-level email addresses reflect poorly on the individual and their business, with 70% of respondents citing that it “It looks unprofessional.”

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and it’s amazing how strong and quickly people are forming opinions about you and your business just by the email address on your business card. If you’re one of the 30% who thinks it doesn’t matter?

It does.

Poor first impression

Excerpts from the survey respondents’ comments:

I am leary of email addresses that are free account services such as yahoo, Gmail or hotmail. It would make me suspect that the company could be a fly by night operation or possibly a scam.

Using a non-domain-level address is just the height of laziness (or cheapness) and shows a lack of commitment to your business.

Free email accounts like Gmail and Yahoo, indicates they’re cheap and most likely to cut corners rather than provide quality work.

Using the ISP email account, indicates to me that they’re lazy and not worth my time to deal with.

Download the whitepaper

Our full results, including statistics and more quotations from survey participants is available in our white paper. Download the white paper here.

Download the whitepaper

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