Still Water Yoga: Building the Brand Identity

July 16, 2012 | Branding and Rebranding, Launch Marketing Strategy, SEO and Content Marketing, Website Design and Redesign

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In my previous post about Still Water Yoga, I showed the logo design process. But to build a successful brand identity, you need to design a broader visual position that includes print marketing, web site and other customer touch points. We believe that the logo (ideally) should be foundation and spark for a full brand position.

If you look back at the post about the logo design, you’ll see we had a list of elements we’d like the logo embrace. However, to keep a logo design simple and memorable we usually cannot force everything into the design. Building a complete brand presence is the chance to emphasize those key brand elements that should be repeated, but also to add in elements that could not be incorporated into the logo design.

To help Still Water Yoga launch their new Iyengar yoga studio in Portland, Maine, we designed:

  • web site, including mobile edition
  • printed invitations
  • class schedules for mailings and handouts
  • building signs and sidewalk sign

Web site design and development

The web site for Still Water Yoga was a chance to add rich details to the brand identity. We continued the water feel by creating texture blocks by scanning actual painted samples. This continued to emphasize the hands-on and individualized approach of the yoga studio.

We also did the photography for the site and used a water color effect to tie in with the rest of the design. The photos suggest that someone had made a transfer onto a piece of water color paper.

The web site design also allowed us to introduce additional brand elements. The client had hoped to pay homage to the Indian roots of Yoga. This is not visible in the logo, but became a design detail on the web site. We used henna artwork to create repeating patterns that are used both on the web and in their printed pieces.

Web design and mobile web site for Still Water Yoga, Portland, Maine

Click to enlarge these images, or go to: to see the site live.

We created a separate mobile version of the site, shown here. The location of the yoga studio makes it hard to find the first time, so we knew it was likely people would be back at the site for the detailed “find us” page when in transit to their yoga classes. That meant that a specific version of the site was designed for smartphones such as the iPhone.

The site is developed in WordPress which allows our client to make updates to all of the information easily on their own. The mobile site updates automatically, along with the regular web site design whenever a change is made.

Printed marketing materials

Yoga studios rely on printed material to get let people know there is a new place in town. Working with our partner Coburn Communications, we put together a launch plan that included several open houses and open studio times. These were advertised with schedules and invitations that were distributed to local coffee shops and sent as printed postcards.

Design for printed marketed materials for Still Water Yoga, Portland Maine

Above are three pieces of the print pieces we designed (left to right, click image to enlarge): Open studio invitation; printed schedules, sidewalk sign. These show how we like to develop a brand identity. There should be consistency, but it each pieces does not need to be an exact match or replica of the next. We varied the same main elements: blue and yellow colors, different henna prints, water color textures, etc.

We created the schedules to be easy-to-update by the client. There is a background graphic pre-printed onto paper, and a Word template file that gets copied onto the paper stock.

Communication materials

The final pieces of the Still Water Yoga brand identity were their business cards, letterhead and e-newsletter. Their e-newsletter is definitely the most important of these three elements as it’s a way of connecting with current and future clients on a regular basis. We designed and developed the e-newsletter using our Mail on the Mark email marketing tool.

E-newsletter and business card design for Still Water Yoga, Portland Maine

Above the is the e-newsletter design (left) and business cards (right).

This is one of our favorite recent projects. What do you think?

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