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A recent examination by Fast Company compares large, global design agencies to smaller studios, and there is a lot to like about small firms.

…change has arrived and the design world is no longer dominated by large design agencies. … It’s a good change and it is an important change since it’s about the availability of top-notch design to every product or company.

What I love about this sentiment is that it means that more businesses in general should be able to afford to work with an experienced graphic design shop and get top-quality design work. In the past, there were so many more obstacles to small business owners than there are today.

  • Old days: the big guys bought lot of advertising and reaped the rewards; the little guys couldn’t afford it.
    Now: social media is overtaking advertising so anyone can compete.
  • Old days: the big guys had fancy collateral designed and printed; the little guys couldn’t afford it.
    Now: everyone is using the web and the barrier to entry is lower.
  • Old days: the big guys hired big agencies to get high-quality design work; the little guys worked with smaller, less expensive, less qualified designers.
    Now: high-quality design is available through smaller studios with lower overheads and costs.

Well-designed products, marketing materials, your brand identity itself can pay for themselves far beyond your design fees. They can help you stand out from your competitors, be memorable to your clients, and help solve your customer’s problems. Why not hire a small, high-quality design studio and reap the rewards!

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