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Redesigned Raising Readers Website Wins Award

June 6, 2022 | Case Studies and Our Work, Website Design and Redesign

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Redesigned Raising Readers Website Wins Award


Redesigned Raising Readers Website Wins Award

Visible Logic recently launched a redesigned website for Raising Readers. Raising Readers is a non-profit working to improve literacy in Maine by distributing high-quality books to every child in Maine, starting at birth through age 5 at well-child visits. Pediatricians and literacy experts choose the books to be age-appropriate and high-quality. Many feature authors and illustrators with connections to Maine.

Raising Readers touches every child in Maine and is genuinely part of growing up in Maine.

The team at Visible Logic is so proud to have helped this organization redesign and relaunch its website!

The new site is easier for the organization to use, extends the program’s impact outside of Maine, and has been recognized for its award-winning design.

Winner: 2022 American Digital Design Award

The website was a winner in the 22nd Annual GDUSA Digital Design Awards. Graphic Design USA presented this industry award annually, and the Raising Readers site was selected in the website design category.

Showing off their accomplishments

The new site showcases the curated books and demonstrates the program’s impact over the past twenty years, all with an updated look and feel.

Redesigned Raising Readers Website Wins Award

Raising Readers has so much to be proud of! They have given away more than 3 million books and have achieved their goal of reaching every single child in Maine. We started by making these successes easy to find with significant call-outs at the top of the new site.

Every year the organization chooses new books to distribute. Books are selected because they are considered age-appropriate by pediatricians and literacy experts. Over the past twenty years, Raising Readers has compiled a long list of these high-quality books that are great for program participants (e.g., Maine families) and for parents, educators, and caregivers anywhere.

They wanted to make this list of books available to other people looking for excellent book recommendations.

Export, audit, cleanup, then add new functionality

Previously, the site admins had to log in to multiple locations to see and manage the database, and there was little control over how the book listings could be displayed on the site. Creating a way to let people sort, search and filter the book listings was a critical feature of improving the site.

Visible Logic worked closely with the Raising Readers team to help clean up the database so that more interactive functionality could be added to the book listings. Our team converted the data into a spreadsheet that could be reviewed, updated, and edited by the Raising Readers team. Once the database was complete, the book list was imported into WordPress with fields listed on each book’s page like ISBN, author, and information about child development at the specific age the book targets.

By having the books all managed in WordPress, the site administrators can easily update and add new books and incorporate the books in more dynamic ways.

Redesigned Raising Readers Website Wins Award

Searching & filtering their curated book list

Their list of recommended books had become valuable to people outside the program as a resource for finding age-appropriate, high-quality books. Visible Logic implemented a search and filter tool on their book listings so parents and caregivers can easily find the right book from the hundreds listed on the site.

Their books can be filtered by if they are Maine-based, if they have a book activity associated with them, if they are Dr. recommended for special topics like potty training or new siblings, and their availability and age group. A search is also in place if a user wants to find a specific topic.

Save your favorites

A favorite function was added so that users could “save” their favorites, then print, email or save them as a PDF (all without creating an account). It’s perfect to create a list to bring to the library or share as a birthday wish list.

Customized illustrations

One of the goals of the new site was to ensure that the imagery of the families represented the diversity of the program since every family accesses it with young children across the State. Their previous website had primarily used photography, but it is a challenge when using photos—especially stock—to show what a family can look like. Visible Logic created a set of custom illustrations that felt accessible, friendly, and inclusive of the types of families that access the program across Maine.

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