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Rebranding Before and Afters

October 4, 2022 | Branding and Rebranding, Website Design and Redesign

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There are many ways to improve your brand, from minor design enhancements to completely rebranding.

Rebranding inspiration

Take a look at some of our favorite before-and-afters from rebranding projects where we helped clients: refresh, redesign, and rebrand.

Get some inspiration from seeing projects for software, manufacturing companies, consulting firms, trade associations, events and government agencies.

Refresh your brand: Keep what’s working and make it better

There are many benefits to connecting your new visual identity to the old. If you can retain the same colors or visual elements, you will lose less brand equity, and the transition will be more straightforward for your customers.

Refreshing is a good choice when your logo looks outdated or unprofessional, but you haven’t had any substantial changes to your business or the customers you serve. Creating a higher-quality logo will help your company or product look high quality.

Evolve logo redesign
For Evolve, we connected the new logo to the old one by keeping the same purple and the gap in the letters, but only using the gap on the letter ‘o’. The gaps in the old logo looked a lot like a stencil, which felt too rough for a professional services firm—adding a new green color freshened up the final design.
Maine Pharmacy Association redesign
The Maine Pharmacy Association only had a low-resolution version of a gray and white logo. We continued to use the mortar and pestle with the Rx typography overlaid. The updated typography and bright colors brought new energy to the association’s brand.
Head Invest Rebrand
HeadInvest wanted to refresh its brand and eliminate the ‘wave’ tied to its previous owner. We helped the newly independent firm connect with its old identity by keeping the same navy blue, serifed type. Better typesetting with small caps made the final logo more professional looking.

Redesign your brand: New visuals better represent the same organization.

If your current brand identity looks outdated or unprofessional, it may be better to redo it completely. While there can be a benefit to trying to connect with your existing brand, you may see more value with a complete break.

Organizations trying to attract different customers or partners may need to rethink how they envision their brand. Redesigning your visual identity to better align with core brand traits will be worthwhile.

A significant redesign often leads to a new design for your website or other marketing materials to keep them all cohesive.

Maine Marathon’s logo and website were filled with details but didn’t focus on the right things. After internal and external research, we could focus their brand on their most important differentiators.
Starc before and after
Visible Logic cleaned up STARC’s visual identity by designing a new logo to reflect the clean lines and ruggedness of STARC’s product. We then developed an entire visual system that has easily expanded as new products have been introduced.
MainePERS before and after
Because MainePERS supports many different types of public employees, they needed a hard-working logo that could appeal to a diverse audience. The new visual identity carried over to their website, their printed materials, and even their new headquarters building.

Rebranding: Rebuilding your brand from the ground up

Sometimes, you need more than just a visual change. It would be best if you had a new name, messaging, and an updated logo.

The amount of change in your brand is usually related to the significance of the difference in your business. If you’re pivoting to new products or a new business model, you may need a complete rebrand to be relevant to your new target market.

Defend our Health Rebrand
After completing internal and external research, it was clear that the Environmental Health Strategy’s Center needed a rebrand. Visible Logic helped the organization find a new name, visual identity, messaging, website, and printed fundraising materials.
Retego Before and After
Group MarketShare was initially the software company’s name and its flagship company. As they planned to sell their technology to new sectors, we recommended keeping the “Group Market Share” name for the software and choosing a new company name that would appeal to a broader market. From there, we designed their logos and websites.

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