Case Study: Cohesive Rebranding After Acquisition for a Texas Roofer

January 29, 2024 | B2B Marketing, Branding and Rebranding, Case Studies and Our Work, Positioning and Messaging, Website Design and Redesign

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Roof Master is a roofing company based in Lubbock, Texas that specializes in repairing and replacing roofs with weather-related damage. With new ownership, Roof Master faced the challenge of rebranding after acquisition. They reached out to Visible Logic to better differentiate the business from other local competitors. 

Roof Master before and after rebranding and website

Roof Master knew that they excelled at helping people navigate roof repair insurance claims. We helped Roof Master create messaging and a visual identity that clearly communicated this value proposition. We also created and executed a digital marketing strategy to strengthen their local visibility. 

Read on to find out how Visible Logic helped Roof Master become a trusted local name in roof repairs!  

Communicating the Roof Master Way

Roof Master needed to clearly communicate their specialized process for helping customers with roof damage handle their insurance claims. These insurance claims are confusing and time consuming, and filing the claim incorrectly could limit the amount of coverage the customer receives for roof repairs. 

What sets Roof Master apart is that they provide free roof damage inspection and full scope of work that makes it easy for the homeowner to submit an insurance claim. They also meet with the insurance adjuster to make sure no damage goes unnoticed. Finally, they submit invoices directly to the insurance company.

Visible Logic developed ‘The Roof Master Process’ to visually highlight this process and communicate the benefit to the customer. Using representative icons and framing the process in an easy-to-follow format, Roof Master can now easily communicate what sets them apart from other local roofing contractors. 

Roof Master Process sheet

“Initially, we did some discovery calls with Visible Logic to explain what we wanted. They had questions, and we provided verbal or written responses. Then, they created a document and did market and competitor research, looking at their brand positioning and designs to provide context. Afterward, we discussed common themes and how we could differentiate ourselves. They also conducted interviews to get a sense of the brand voice we were aiming for so they could create the copy on our website and marketing materials. They created the copy and new design for our site, keeping in theme with the new branding and logo.”

A Complete Visual Identity and Website

We designed a clear, eye-catching logo that emphasized their identity as a Texas-based business. From there, Visible Logic created a cohesive design that was easily replicated into different mediums, including a truck wrap and lawn signs. 

Roof Master Lawn Sign
Roof Master truck wrap design

We then redesigned the website to reflect the new messaging and visual identity that we created. In order to position Roof Master as a trustworthy choice in roof repairs, we featured testimonials and reviews on the homepage, as well as adding team biographies to the website. We also showcased Roof Master’s many awards and accreditation, further fostering trust. 

To make it easier for customers to hire Roof Master, we added a “Book Appointment” button on the top navigation of the website. 


roofmaster site before redesign


Room Master site after redesign

A Digital Marketing Strategy That Drove 36% Conversion

We worked closely with Roof Master to create a multi-channel marketing plan that would build trust with their audience. We built a funnel that tracked not only leads, but conversion to paid jobs. 


Visible Logic planned and implemented Google Ads to increase awareness of Roof Master and drive conversions. The ads ran for 10 months, and reached a conversion rate of 36%, leading to over 40 new appointments with potential clients. 

Reviews and Google Local Optimization

Visible Logic identified and implemented a new way to solicit more positive reviews. Using Roof Master’s online invoicing platform, we created a survey that clients would be prompted to fill out immediately upon invoice payment. If they rated Roof Master highly in the survey, they were then asked to leave a Google review. 

Visible Logic also improved Roof Master’s Google business listing ensuring they showed up in local search.


We conducted SEO keyword research and optimization, focusing on localization, to increase traffic to the website. This included on-page optimization and writing new website content.


Visible Logic used the new visual identity to create social media graphics and testimonial templates. We also implemented the new design to Roof Master’s Facebook page. This made it easy for Roof Master to continue to create new and engaging social posts. 

Results: Local Trust and an Increase in New Client Appointments

As a result of our rebranding after acquisition and digital marketing strategy, Roof Master is now a trusted name in roof repairs in the Lubbock area. 

Here is what the team said about working with us: 

They’ve done an excellent job keeping the company vision and the message we’re trying to communicate.

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