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Raise your Hand If You're Embarrassed or Frustrated By Your Web SiteAs I meet with different people and learn about their business, it seems very common for business owners to be ashamed, frustrated or embarrassed by their web site.

For most business owners, there is a moment of celebration when their web site is completed and finally goes live. It may their first web site for a new business, or a redesigned web site for an existing organization. It probably took a significant investment of time and or money to complete and when it’s launched, it deserves to be celebrated.

Unfortunately, a web site that was a shining star, quickly becomes tarnished. It goes from sales tool to albatross. Something to share, to something to hide.

With older sites, the web site may be difficult to update, so it doesn’t showcase the latest news or offerings. The site may not be mobile optimized so it doesn’t render well on certain devices. The style of the color, photographs or other design elements feel out of date. Your business may have shifted or evolved and it no longer expresses your true identity.

As the life cycle of web sites shortens, I encounter more and more businesses with a web site that is under performing in one way or another.

Change is happening at warp speed, and the window of time when your web site goes from celebrated and highly functional to under-performing and embarrassing is getting tighter.

Budgeting for web site redesigns

What web site owners must understand is that upgrading your web site is an ongoing expense. It is not realistic to build a site and expect to still feel proud of it forever.

You may not spend the same amount each year, because you need to plan for different types of maintenance and upgrades. On a regular basis, there are changes that need to be made either by internal staff and/or your web designer. On a longer interval, you’ll probably plan a larger overhaul to your site every few years.

Most companies that are growing and thriving are looking at 18 months to 3 years as the life span of their web site.

How long were you (or do you expect to be) happy with your current site?

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