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Branding Compass Input & OutputFor years, I’ve been working with new and growing companies to help them get started on their branding.

I know that a strong brand can help a business attract better clients, charge higher prices and be more effective with their marketing. We’ve helped startups, established businesses and non-profits clarify their value proposition, and distill the benefits of their product or service to attract their ideal customer and partners. Only once this foundational work has been completed do we move forward and design a full visual identity including their logo, web site and other collateral.

The most common reason that a prospect decides not work with us is because of the expense involved. And until now, there’s been no do-it-yourself, affordable way to do all the foundational work that’s so critical to getting your brand going in the right direction.


Hybrid Designers Mix Code and Writing to Help Technology Firms

John Maeda is my hero. He’s one of the most visible people to successfully promote design thinking and make it relevant to the business community. His career shows a fascinating vacillation between jobs typical held by designers and posts that are usually for the MBA crowd. He has won recognition, awards and scrutiny from both the design and business world.

For the past three years, Maeda has issued a Design in Tech report.


2017 Web Design Trends

the evolution of Web Design

When we examine trends, it’s helpful to look at where we’ve come from, where we are now, and in what direction we’re headed.

We’ve clearly come a long way in the evolution of web sites to our current web standards, but it seems that most web sites aren’t as fully developed as they could be. Instead, they’ve become cookie cutter.

There is a sameness to them—that is an outgrowth of some very practical issues—but often their lack of customization makes them less than ideal for the web site owner.


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