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Use Your Microsoft Word Docs To Build your Brand

Your brand should be apparent in as many places as possible. Considering that most businesses frequently use Microsoft Word to write proposals, reports, estimates, memos etc. You need to make sure that your Word files are continuing your brand as much as possible. Electronic Letterhead Template When you have your letterhead designed, also have an electronic version developed. This will put the graphic elements (logo, contact information, company name, etc.) […]


Branding, a Designer’s Perspective (aka Who am I?)

I wanted to start this blog with full disclosure that I am a graphic designer. So while branding can be so much more than just the design of company’s image, that is my focus, my viewpoint, my perspective, my angle, my bias. On projects for Visible Logic, I usually am not involved until a client gets to the design phase. I may try to push them back a step and […]


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