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Good Design vs. Good Branding: Tropicana Case Study

You’ve probably heard by now that Tropicana redesigned their orange juice cartons, but then received so much negative feedback they’ve decided to revert to their old design. This is an example of how design in a vacuum can lead to terrible branding decisions. The design changes For years, Tropicana used their image of the straw in the orange to suggest a fresh-from-the-orchard taste. That image was backed up by a […]


The Power of Color in Branding

Most companies have a “corporate color” or color palette. This is generally the color or colors used in the logo. The designer usually picks a Pantone (PMS) color, and also selects CMYK and RGB equivalents. But why stop with just a splash of color on your logo? Consider using more color to create an impact beyond the logo. A classic example: Tiffany & Co Blue Box Tiffany & Co introduced […]


A Recession is the Perfect Time to Start a Business

Seems like we’re in a recession. We’ve probably been in it for longer than we realize and may stay in this down cycle for longer than any of us would prefer. But we’ve gone through it before, and the economy will grow again. The story of Visible Logic It was during the last recession of 2001 that I started Visible Logic. In the summer of 2001 I was working at […]


The Emotional Rollercoaster of a Web Site Launch

It seems that every web site launch—whether it’s a brand new site, a redesign, a blog launch or just adding new sections, content or features—goes through the very emotional, but somewhat predictable series of ups & downs. Getting beyond denial As with most self-improvement projects, we often have to sink really low before we decide to make a change for a better. This is often the case with web sites […]


4 Branding Tips for Solopreneurs

If you’re really ready to start your business consider these four branding tips: 1. Consider a name other than your own. Many people starting their own businesses are setting up one-person consulting companies. In this context they will be getting most of their work based on their own reputations. In fact, they may even get work from their previous employers. However, it’s best to start thinking of your business as […]


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