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Case study: Nonprofit marketing and branding for MTI

Maine Technology Institute (MTI) is a state-funded, public-private partnership that gives funding to Maine entrepreneurs that are developing innovative businesses, products, and services.

As a critical part of funding innovative business in Maine, MTI partners with entrepreneurs, publicly-traded companies, nonprofits, government organizations, trade groups, venture capital firms, and more. This mix of audiences presents some branding and marketing challenges.

Read on to learn more about how we’ve been helping MTI with nonprofit branding and marketing projects since 2018.


The Visible Logic approach to SEO

If you use your website to get more customers, getting more people to visit your website is likely high on your list. That’s where SEO comes in. 

SEO encompasses many different strategies, and a lot of marketers have strong – and often conflicting – ideas about what can improve a website’s SEO. 

Read on to learn about SEO, our approach to SEO, and how we help our clients improve their SEO.


Our Maine startup branding and marketing projects

We are proud to be based in Portland, Maine. But what does it mean to be a branding and marketing firm in Maine? 

Being Maine-based isn’t just about being physically located in Maine. Our Maine startup branding and marketing projects contribute to the Maine spirit of collaboration and innovation. That’s why we love working with Maine startups to help them grow and continue making Maine a special place for businesses.


ScanPower website redesign wins award

Visible Logic has recently launched a redesigned website for ScanPower, and we’re happy to report that the new website was selected for a Gold AVA Digital Award in the category of B2B website. 

ScanPower is a SaaS company that provides software that helps Amazon sellers simplify and scale their business.


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