Annual Report Design: Maine Technology Institute

Annual report design

A great annual report goes far beyond just reporting on the numbers. It seeks to capture the spirit of what happened through stories and visuals. We recently helped the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) with their 2018 Annual Report that covered a record-breaking year for them.


16 Overlooked Steps that Can Make or Break your PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC or Google Adwords can be an effective way to draw prospects to your site. There are people out there, right now, looking for the very product or service you sell! Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking they can just turn on this type of paid advertising and they will have new customers instantly. In addition to setting up the ads themselves, there is a ton of foundational work that must be done if you want your advertising to be effective. If you skip these steps, you may be prematurely calling your campaign a failure. We recently set up some PPC ads for Branding Compass, our software that gives automated expert branding advice. We worked with our partner at Horizon Digital Marketing to help set up and monitor the campaigns, but before we turned them on, there was a huge list of items we needed to finalize. Allow 2-3 weeks to prepare […]


Changes are Coming to WordPress: Introducing Gutenberg

The classic WordPress WYSIWYG editor made it easy for anyone who had previously used Microsoft Word to easily create and update content in WordPress. However, over time other platforms have made the editing experience more dynamic and flexible. WordPress has been working on improvements and they are rolling out this new editor, Gutenberg, this month. Gutenberg uses a block-based system for adding, editing, and manipulating content.


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