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I spent some time reviewing our Google Analytics to figure out our most popular content and blog posts from 2010.

Here is the list of the ten most popular blog posts from 2010:

  1. 8 Essential Elements to a Comprehensive Brand Identity This posts summarizes the eight most critical elements that are necessary for creating a comprehensive brand identity. Also, if you’d like to see some case studies that accompany this piece, drop me a line and I’ll send you our portfolio book that goes along with this post.
  2. Get the Right Logo Files from Your Graphic Designer. This post explains the difference between vector and pixel-based graphic files, and also explains the difference between an eps, a jpeg or a gif file.
  3. 5 Tips to Make Your Web Site Say: “Open For Business”. Five things to keep up-to-date on your web site to make sure it looks current. Quick tip: Has your copyright date changed to 2001?
  4. Don’t Let Your Developer or Content Management System (CMS) Drive the Design This article outlines how we keep our web design projects design-focused.
  5. Web Site Redevelopment Process: Well-Fit Case Study. I was glad to see this article gain traction because it took a lot of research to pull together screen shots from four different iterations of the web site for this growing company. It’s very helpful for showing how a brand can remain consistent even as the web design evolves.
  6. 10 Reasons To Be Your Designer’s Best Client. This post outlines how everyone wins when there is a good relationship between designer and client.
  7. Improving SEO in WordPress: H1, Title Tags & Custom URLs (Video Tutorial). The meat of this post is covered in a video tutorial that demonstrates how to use the settings and plug-ins for WordPress to make your web site easy to find. This posted late in the year and I expect it will keep getting reader’s attention.
  8. Logo Development Process: Greater Freeport Chamber of Commerce. This post showcases the newly redesigned logo for the Freeport Chamber of Commerce and talks about what went on behind the scenes that drove some of the design decisions.
  9. Your Logo: Be There and Be Square. This post explains why square versions of your logo, for avatars and favicons are an essential part of your brand identity.
  10. Connect your Words and Design for the Most Impact. A quick and light-hearted case study based on campground signage.

Interestingly, our all-time most popular post among readers comes from 2009:

The Logo Development Process: New England Breeze Case Study An interesting side note is that we are currently redesigning their logo, because of a legal name change for the business.

What would you like to read and see in 2011?

I’m interested in hearing what you would like to read and hear more about. I’m happy to see our web traffic continuing to grow and I’d love to learn and hear more about you!

Judging by this list, I see you all as very interested in truly educational blog posts‚ posts where I show and make a case for good design. I also need to do a better job showcasing our new design work as it goes live. I hope to do case studies on some past logo design and web site design work in addition to new design work.

What else would you like to read or learn more about?

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