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Goodwill Northern New England is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that not only has stores with great deals and places to donate used goods but helps people achieve their life and work goals. This includes programs to help people find a job, home, care, or training they need. Headquartered in Gorham, Maine, Goodwill NNE has a large service area comprised of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Visible Logic started with an audit of the site to better understand the technical needs and gain insight into what was and wasn’t working for the users of the site and the admins making updates and changes to the site. We then redesigned the website by creating a custom WordPress theme using the block editor. Check out the new and improved site here.


Goodwill Northern New England before redesign


Non-Profit Website Redesign: Goodwill Northern New England

Site audit

Before starting the non-profit’s website redesign project, Visible Logic did a site audit in the first phase to better understand how the current site was built. While it was built in WordPress, we learned that the staff had challenges with the current site’s backend because of plugins and custom coding.

We also evaluated how difficult it would be to move the site from one theme to another. Because their current site was using a page builder tool, we knew that transferring to another theme would involve a lot of manual copy and pasting. We also determined there were a lot of unneeded pages.

This information helped both Visible Logic and the client understand and specify the scope of work needed. It also helped us define our roles. We decided which work we needed to do and what the client would do.

We could move into phase two with a plan with the goals and challenges clarified. Here are some of the most impactful improvements we made to the new site in the redesign.

Easy-to-use for site editors

In our audit, we learned that the site used the classic editor and a page builder tool. And the majority of updates needed to be done through a developer because of customized plugins and code. We also found that the site had a lot of highly specialized functionality such as customs forms, specially formatted donations lists, a value estimator, and job listings.

We converted the site to the WordPress block editor and created custom blocks for the theme. This made it easier for anyone to make edits and updates. The communications team could build more customized layouts without turning to their tech team.

Location listings

We converted the cumbersome location listings from custom post types to an organized list on a single page. We also added the ability to schedule notifications about store closings and hours updates, so no one needed to log in after hours to make changes.


Goodwill needs to connect people to the various programs, services, and training they offer. So, they had a lot of contact forms. However, the forms were all custom coded and could not be accessed by the site’s WordPress editors. By switching the forms to GravityForms WordPress admin, users could now easily edit, update or create new forms.

We also helped integrate their email and texting services so users could signup for notifications in a single location.

Calendar of sales and events

Goodwill NNE offers sales and saving based on the color of the tag on the item in their stores. Although the dates for these sales were scheduled far ahead, the calendar was currently created monthly as a PDF that was uploaded to the site. The color-of-the-week changes each week, and there are also days with additional discounts for veterans and seniors.

Visible Logic was able to add and style a calendar that could schedule these reoccurring events for years in advance. And the team can add new sales events on the fly. It’s as simple as adding a new post in WordPress.

Updated navigation to reflect organized content

The site had multiple navigations, and it was difficult to understand how its content was organized because the navigation and page structure were unrelated. You could get to some pages via multiple locations, and some links took you to PDFs or other unexpected behaviors as a user. This made it hard to find information and a challenge for users coming to the site to find information about the critical programs Goodwill NNE offers.

We created a sitemap with the site structure as part of the site audit. This helped GNNE determine what needed to stay, go, or be updated and helped prioritize key pages and info into an organized hierarchy.

The new navigation is based on the page structure and makes it easy to find information about the different programs, services, training, and stores.


Before navigation and calendar


Non-Profit Website Redesign: Goodwill Northern New England

Check out the new site

We are excited to have helped improve GNNE’s site and helped support such a wonderful organization.

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