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We have been really busy with Maine Startup and Create Week. In addition to attending many great sessions, we were heavily involved with organizing and marketing the event. As a key member of the marketing committee, Visible Logic helped to develop the key messaging, update the branding and create pretty much all of the printed signs, schedules, ads and printed marketing materials.

There was a lot of information to keep organized, but we thrive on this type of work.

Maine Startup and Create Week AdAds

In advance of the event, we helped to design many print ads for the Old Port Magazine, Maine Magazine, Portland Press Herald, and other Maine Today Media outlets.

Working with others on the marketing team, we helped to develop the key messages and taglines for the event including: Dream, Connect, Build. And “A Conference Worth Skipping Work For”. These were developed to help attract not only start up founders, but existing Maine business owners who may not identify themselves as entrepreneurs, and who usually feel pressured to stay at work to keep their business running.

Printed schedules and maps

This year, the conference included three tracks of speakers and events spread over seven days. Sessions and special events took place at more than 20 locations across Portland.

To help attendees navigate the offerings, it was important to provide a detailed schedule as well as custom map of the city.

Maine Startup and Create Week Printed Schedule

At check in, each participant received a small booklet with the schedule, map, sponsor information and other details.

Signs, Signs, More Signs

Overall, we created more than 100 signs for the event. These include directional signage, sponsor listings as well as signs for each of our 75+ events. It was a challenge to coordinate up-to-date information on speaker names, sessions sponsors, locations, times, etc.

Maine Startup and Create Week SignageWe also created large scale posters of the schedule and map.

Maine Startup and Create Week Schedule and Map

And there were a lot of other small pieces including name badges, speaker table tents and more.

Maine Startup and Create Week Badges

It was a great event, a lot of work, and totally worth it!

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