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Branding CompassFor years, I’ve been working with new and growing companies to help them get started on their branding.

I know that a strong brand can help a business attract better clients, charge higher prices and be more effective with their marketing. We’ve helped startups, established businesses and non-profits clarify their value proposition, and distill the benefits of their product or service to attract their ideal customer and partners. Only once this foundational work has been completed do we move forward and design a full visual identity including their logo, web site and other collateral.

The most common reason that a prospect decides not work with us is because of the expense involved. And until now, there’s been no do-it-yourself, affordable way to do all the foundational work that’s so critical to getting your brand going in the right direction.

Although there are many low cost design alternatives—places like 99 Designs for a logo and DIY platforms like SquareSpace or Wix for your web site, many businesses won’t know where to start or what direction to give if they haven’t done the work to articulate their business and offerings first.

We’re proud to introduce: Branding Compass!

Branding Compass is a web-based application that will help you sort out the ideas in your head into a Unique Value Proposition and provide a customized creative brief. It is an online, DIY tool that is affordable for small business owners and startups.

How Branding Compass Works

Branding Compass Input & Output


We’ve pulled together our years of brand strategy process into an organized questionnaire that will get to the heart of what really makes your product or service unique. Branding Compass starts with an online workbook that asks you a series of questions about your business, your customers and your competition.

The process requires some real thought on your part. Expect it to take at least an hour to go through the workbook. Our customers have raved about the process—it forces you to stop and think, but provides you with real-time feedback and educational information about branding and marketing to make it feel worthwhile.

Then, based on the words you used, Branding Compass automatically generates a Unique Value Proposition. This is a succinct way of stating what you offer and how it benefits your customers.

After completing the reflective questions in the online workbook, we generate a customized Branding Compass report. The report includes:

  • a market-product fit chart that will help you visually see whether what you are offering is a good fit for your prospects and how to focus your messaging.
  • a word cloud to see what language you frequently you use.
  • a customized creative brief with color, typography and design recommendations based on your answers.
  • personalized education and recommendations on branding and marketing your business

“Branding Compass has been invaluable to the DeepFit brand. As a solo entrepreneur, I absolutely need this smart, affordable advice on words, colors and ideas to use when I speak and advertise!” —Dan Farnbach, Founder, DeepFit

With this report, you’ll be able to work more efficiently with a logo designer or web site designer. Or, if you prefer to continue with a do-it-yourself solution, you now have a guide for designing a visual identity or web site on your own.

Professional knowledge with fast results

I’ve been working to develop this fast, interactive tool for the past year and would love for you to try it out!

Normally, when we work with clients, my team and I provide guided consulting to help them clarify and articulate their brand position. This process takes weeks of work and costs thousands of dollars. Now, you are able to access my years of branding experience, and by using a guided, but DIY solution, you can do the work in about one hour.

“Talk about cutting to the chase! When I’ve done this before it’s taken me days of waffling and moving semi-colons to come up with a UVP only 75% as straightforward as the one Branding Compass helped me develop in about an hour and a half.” —Carrie Yardley, Founder of Yardley Esq and Professional Intersections

I sincerely believe in the power of branding and want to bring this benefit to small business owners of all sizes and all stages in their growth. I hope you’ll give it a try and let me know what you think! In about an hour, you will distill your Unique Value Proposition, check your market-product fit and will have a personalized creative brief to get you started on your visual identity.

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