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We design and build a lot of web sites for our clients using WordPress. WordPress allows us to create custom-designed and uniquely branded web sites that are easy for our clients to use.

One feature we really like about WordPress is that the web sites are very search engine friendly. Even using just the default features within WordPress, you’ll find yourself creating new pages and posts that will drive traffic to your site through search engines.

But, by spending just a few minutes customizing and adding keywords to your H1, title tags and permalinks, you can improve your search engine traffic even more.

Video Tutorial

In this video, I’ll walk you through how to use H1 tags, Title tags and custom URLs to add keywords and improve your SEO.


As mentioned in the video, you may want to use a plugin such as Platinum SEO Pack. This plugin allows you to override the title tag which is what shows at the top of your browser window.

If you want to start each post with a H1 tag, rather than the default page name, you’ll need to have your web site designer or developer change the code that pulls your page and post information from WordPress. This should be a straightforward request for someone familiar with WordPress, or this forum post may help.

Need a better designed WordPress web site?

When we design a web site using WordPress, we always train our clients to get the best use of the SEO features that are built into WordPress. If you’re looking for a web site design and development team that can handle the branding as well as your SEO needs, please contact us.

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