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Video is often the best way to succinctly summarize the benefits of your products or service.

It’s easy for in-person presentations, sales sheets or web site pages to use lots and lots of words to try and explain something. Many times, the longer you speak or write, you don’t always add anything meaningful. You just lose people’s attention. And once you’ve lost people’s attention, you lose control over what pieces of your message they actually hear.

Here’s a story our client shared.

I presented to Bank of America Merchant Services at a live meeting in Charlotte last week and after my 40 minute presentation and Q&A I said, “I am going to show you a 59 second video that wraps up everything we just talked about”. I proceeded to show them our new “How it Works” DAVO Sales Tax video and at the end of it, the room broke into a round of applauds… it was a great ending to my presentation and really got our message across.

—David Joseph, Co-Founder and Chairman, DAVO Technologies


Take a look at the video we created.

There are 3 reasons why video is able to condense and clarify your message.

  1. You can script your message and make it succinct.
  2. You layer sound, graphics and words to make a rich experience without adding to the length of your story.
  3. You edit it to heighten the impact and reduce the overall time.

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