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Design is an expense that may be put under the umbrella of branding, identity, marketing or even public relations. Those are businesses expenses that are necessary, but are sometimes hard to measure their effectiveness.

Here at Visible Logic, we are currently putting together a white paper that will talk about the Return On Investment (ROI) on high-quality design. It includes a case study with one of our clients detailing how their business grew as their branding became more cohesive and professional.

The naysayers

Obviously, most (hopefully all!) of our clients value professional design services. But sometimes there are naysayers out there who need to be addressed. It may be a boss approving budgets, or the spouse of a new business owner who downplays the importance of design within a business.

I’ve certainly heard people say that they don’t really care about the quality of their business card (in either design and/or printing) and they doubt that their customers or potential customers care either. But I know that my clients, and many others out there, do care about design. So when you decide to forfeit professional design services by either doing nothing, or going the DIY route, you are unfortunately, making a poor impression on many people.

People do notice

Even if most people can’t tell the difference between Times Roman and Garamond, many can recognize good typography and typesetting. Many people can’t describe why some web sites are easier to use than others, but they recognize usability. Many can identify excellence in design and layout, paper choice, and printing quality even if they are unable to articulate why.

People are forming opinions of you and your business from their first impression of you. Whether that is with your web site or a business card, professional design services can assure that those first impressions say: quality, integrity, excellence. On the other hand, poor design can lead to people thinking you do shoddy work, or are financial unstable.

White paper to be released soon

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