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customer-experienceBy DeAnne Curran, Senior Designer/Developer

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the journey from start to finish of using your product or service. It often starts long before a customer is an actual client, when they were a prospect researching options. A good customer experience means having your customer walk away with the best experience possible while interacting with your company; and improving the chances that they will come back to you.

Recently at Maine Startup and Create Week I attended a talk on Designing Customer Experience. Panelist Ben Jordan made the comparison that the client-customer relationship is like dating: first you court your client; then when you are dating it’s important to show them they matter; then you need to work to keep that relationship going.

One point that was brought up many times was empathy and authenticity. Listening to your customer, making them feel heard, and bridging the gaps between what they think they need and what you think they need.

Taking the time to listen and express gratitude can go a really long way.

Striving for excellent communication means treating clients and customers with respect and letting them know when something has gone awry, and being honest about it.

Customer Experience Fuels lasting impressions

A few members of the audience where happy to tell stories of both good and bad customer experiences. Both good and bad experiences can make lasting impressions and get relayed for years. With social media, people’s customer experience stories have even more reach.

However, when something went wrong and a company provided an exceptional experience to correct it, a loyal customer was made. Even critical feedback can actually be a chance to improve your service or product.

How are we doing?

It’s great to be a part of a small team here at Visible Logic, and that I get to be a part of the communication and client experience from start to finish. Our  small team also means that when you call with a question or problem it’s someone familiar who you’ll speak to.

For me, customer experience to means problem solving and doing it in the way I’d want to be treated.

What sorts of customer experiences have you had, good or bad? How has Visible Logic been to work with? What could we do better?

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