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I had the opportunity today to present to the Maine Marketing Assocation on Graphic Design Fundamentals for Marketing Professionals. I have converted my slide show into a slideshare presentation. If you prefer to download the PDF you may also do so, but please note the file is large (7.4 MB).

In this presentation I discuss design fundamentals, terminology and skills for both print and web design. Whether you need to better communicate with an outside designer or want to sharpen your skills so that you can do some basic design work yourself, this presentation will give you the essentials of graphic design. It is essential information for any marketing professional or small business owner doing their own marketing.

Topics include:

  • Typography
  • Tools & Software
  • Color Systems
  • Layout
  • Choosing a Design Firm
  • Communicating with a Graphic Designer
  • Impact and Visual Hierarchy

If you have any questions, please use the comments below and I’ll try to clarify any points for you.

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