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Be the big fishContent Marketing is a hot new term for a method of establishing credibility that has been around for years. Consultants, developers, professionals in all sort of industries have positioned themselves as thought leaders by creating content that shows their expertise.

SEO has created new demand content-based marketing tactics.

But can products and services that are highly technical, complex or of use to only a small niche market benefit from common content marketing strategies?

Why is content marketing effective?

Let’s start by defining the typical goals of content marketing

  1. Show expertise
  2. Improve search listings that leads to increased web traffic
  3. Raise the visibility and profile for the brand behind the content

When you look at these, there are both challenges and opportunities when you are working to market a specialized or technical product.

1. The more complex your product or service, the more you can demonstrate your specific expertise

It’s hard to show “expertise” in something like cookie making, because it is a common skill. You have both professionals and even DIY competitors who may challenge your expertise.

By contrast, having specific knowledge in a niche field greatly reduces the number of people trying to write blog articles, host webinars, create podcasts or send out e-newsletters around your niche.

You truly are an expert. Use that focus to your benefit.

2. Content marketing improves search more effectively in narrow markets

Writing online content that is keyword-rich is going to improve your SEO. Making sure it’s helpful (through your expertise) will ensure that viewers stay engaged.

However, the challenge is that if you have a highly-specialized product or service there is also a greatly reduced number of people that will be interested in your content.

Therefore, your expectation should not be to create huge jumps in web site traffic. In fact, if you do see a surge in web traffic, you are likely to increase your bounce rate. For example, if a blog post you write mistakenly attracts a lot of Google search traffic, many of these people are not your ideal readers and will leave your site quickly.

This is sometimes called long tail search. It refers to the idea that the more specific your keywords, the less competition there is for to capture those searches. If you are targeting traffic from a phrase that is widely used, there is generally a lot of competition and it will take considerable more effort or money to show up high on Google’s results pages. By contrast, if you write using industry-specific language, you will attract fewer, much much more qualified viewers to your web site.

The more specialized you get in your messaging, the more of the right traffic will head to your web site. Don’t be afraid to include highly technical content as part of your marketing plan.

3. Content marketing for specialized businesses can sharply increase their visibility to ideal clients

Face it, your specialized software or niche consulting firm is never going to waste money with mainstream advertising. Your offering is not a good fit for consumer-based marketing strategies. However, it’s easy to forget about marketing altogether and quickly become overlooked and forgotten to your prospects as well.

Don’t use lifestyle, consumer marketing tactics for your playbook. Creating high-quality, targeted content with an extremely focused approach can put your name and brand in front of just the right people. In fact, it can be easier to research and write a blog post that directly speaks to your ideal audience when you have a niche market.

Be the big fish in the perfect small pond.


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