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Dental Lace Package DesignWe are excited about the package design for a new product that recently launched: Dental Lace refillable dental floss. The glass and stainless steel containers can be refilled with 100% silk refills, so there is none of the typical plastic waste that goes into most dental floss containers.

We worked with business owner Jodi Breau to create a beautiful design available in three colors. One of the goals was to create something more fashionable than the typical, ugly plastic floss containers—something you could proudly carry in your purse or display in your bathroom. We helped her to source eco-friendly packaging as we worked on the overall design of the boxes and labels to create an eye-catching and memorable brand for Dental Lace.

Dental Lace packaging wins American Graphic Design Award

And we’re thrilled that the design won an American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA. As usual, less than 20% of the submissions are chosen and we’re proud to be alongside some large brands such as Bed Bath & Beyond, STOLI Vodka, Kraft, Zippo and more.

Here’s what our client said about working with Visible Logic:

You know the feeling you get when watching a magician do a magic trick? That feeling of awe, surprise and wonder? That’s exactly how I feel every time Emily sends me a project. “How did she do that? How did she know what I wanted when I didn’t know exactly what I wanted?” Dental Lace, Inc. has received the best service plus the design fits the business perfectly.  As a startup, Emily’s confident approach to business marketing is comforting. I lean on her and trust her judgement in so many areas concerning the business. Visible Logic, Inc. was the best choice for my business.  —Jodi Breau

If you know me, you know that I’m committed to environmental efforts—I walk or commute by bike most days; I try to buy clothes and housewares second-hand; our family recycles and composts and thinks carefully about the environmental effects of what we consume. So it’s really great to be part of launching this environmentally conscious brand. It was shocking for me to learn about how huge the waste is from dental floss containers—they seem so small, but it all adds up!

And we’re glad that high-quality design will make this product more appealing for purchase.

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