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Recently we completed the front cover design for the book: Cuba in Revolution.

Normally, in the book publishing world this is how a book cover is designed.

  1. Design the front cover. This art can then be added to catalogs, web sites and other marketing materials
  2. Complete the book interior. This can actually mean complete the writing, or sometimes just moving the completed manuscript into designed format (ready for press).
  3. Complete the back cover and spine. The back cover is often done as late as possible so that reviews can be received. The final spine cannot be designed until we have a final page count and have chosen what type of paper stock will be used (this determines the spine width).

Unfortunately, sometimes in this process a publisher decides not go finish the project.

It gets killed.

That is what happened with Cuba in Revolution. After I had already completed the front cover design, but before the interior was finalized the project was killed by the publisher. It had nothing to do with our book design.

It’s always a bit sad when I know that a design I really liked will not make it into printed form.

So here it is world!

Book Cover Design for Cuba in Revolution

I like how this book cover design showed the energetic culture of Cuba and showed its fierce sense of national pride with the overlaying of the Cuban flag.

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