Create a Snowball Effect With Content, Branding, SEO

March 19, 2014 | B2B Marketing, Branding and Rebranding, SEO and Content Marketing, Website Design and Redesign

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For those of you who are not from the northern areas, like up here in Maine, you may need a quick lesson in how to make a snowball to understand this analogy. To make a snowball, you start with a small bit of snow in your hands. Then, you pack more and more around it and the snowball gets bigger. Finally, if you’re trying to build something large, like a snowman, you may need to roll the ball around in the snow. Very quickly it gets very big.

That’s the snowball effect.

When you pack your great content with branding and some good search engine optimization, you can create an online presence that quickly grows very large for you.

Content, branding, SEO Snowball
The snowball effect of integrating content, branding and SEO.

This is a typical timeline of how your online presence can increase if you focus on content, branding and SEO with an integrated approach.

We’ve had a lot of success with this approach both on the Visible Logic web site and with our clients. We build a great brand and a great web site, then we help our clients with blog posts, info graphics or videos. Everything we create reinforces the brand, and we make sure to optimize all the pieces for the best search results. When you think about content, branding and SEO together you’ll quickly increase your online presence.

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