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I’m sure you’re hearing it everywhere: This is the year for mobile. Smartphone usage is steadily climbing and more and more people are surfing the web using their phone or tablet.

But as you can imagine, the statistics for how many people are using smartphone and tablets to access the internet vary depending on the industry, the specific web site and even geographic considerations (for example,  markets such as New York have more people using smartphones while in transit).

Before you look to to create a mobile-optimized version of your site, or maybe redesign your web site with a full responsive design, you should take the time to think about what people tend to look at on their mobile phones, and whether they are actually looking at your site with a mobile phone.

We took a peek at the analytics of several of our clients. Here is some info pulled from Google Analytics to show you the vast difference in how big a factor mobile, depending on the industry.

Corporate America mobile usage

One of our examples comes from a B2B client who deals primary with larger corporations. Based on what they sell and how the sales cycle works, most people are viewing their web site at work. It’s just not the type of site or information that someone casually looks through.

Corporate web site mobile traffic: 6.2%

Google stats on mobile usage

Restaurant web site mobile stats

Restaurants, bars and shops often have heavy mobile usage on their web site. People look up directions, hours or menu offerings while on route. Having this info easily accessible to smartphone users extremely important. A restaurant without a mobile optimized site (or shudder, without a web site at all!) is definitely losing some business to people on the go searching for food choices. Our client’s analytics shows this.

Restaurant web site mobile traffic: 30%

Restaurant mobile web site stats

Average mobile usage

There is, obviously, no such thing as average mobile usage. You can see a wide range right here with just two clients (6% vs. 30%). If you look through our list of web design clients, you see we work with a large variety of small businesses. But looking at all the sites that we can access Google Analtyics on, they are averaging about 10% of the viewers are mobile users.

What about mobile usage on e-newsletters?

Also, you may be interested to see some related statistics about mobile usage (and email client usage) for e-newsletters on our Mail on the Mark blog.

What stats are you seeing on your site for mobile usage?

I’d love to hear your stats and what industry you are in.

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